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Take the Plane Saver Challenge!

Is your current savings provider:


√ Ethical

√ Not-for-profit 

√ Owned by its members

Do your savings give you:

√ A range of flexible offers

√ Free life cover on your savings balance*

Our Regular Saver offers a competitive retrun in the foirm of an annual dividend. A minimum £25 a month or £6 a week savings requirement.

With the fixed-term Platinum Saver  members can deposit from £3000 toa maximum of £5000 for a minimum of 12 months. 

Cash ISA we aim to provide our members with the best return on their money. (This product is currently closed for new subscribers)

Members can enjoy the convenience of saving direct from their payroll or choose to make one off lump sum deposits into each of the above accounts.

For monthly deductions into the Regular, Christmas and Flexi Saver accounts, there is a maximum £500 saving limit.

When you become a member you become a shareholder. As a share holder you will receive a competitive return in the form of an annual dividend on your savings accounts as oppose to normal bank interest. 

3% return (our members dividend for the last three years)!

There is also the added benefit of free life insurance on all savings up to £20,000. This means that should the worst happen Plane Saver double up to the first £20,000 of savings and pay this to your nominated beneficiary* Find out more about this by clicking here. 

Find out more about each of our savings accounts by clicking on the link above.

*Subject to a six month pre-existing condition limitation.