The 2345 Loan

The new, quick, easy and simple 2345 loan. Rewarding you for borrowing.

The 2345 Loan

The 2345 Loan is affordable, simple and a unique alternative to mainstream loans currently available. Borrow £2345 and benefit from a £50 credit bonus, rewarding our members for choosing Plane Saver as their loan provider. Apply Now.

We have made it quick easy and simple for you to access this loan with applications only needing to be credit checked, all applications are welcome.

£50 Credit Bonus

At Plane Saver, we wanted to give something back to our members and reward you. The 2345 loan offers a £50 credit bonus which is paid directly to your account at the end of the loan term.

The 2345 Loan Benefits

  • Fixed £2,345
  • Fixed 24 Month
  • Fixed 12.7% APR
  • Fixed Monthly Repayments £110.39
  • FREE £50 Credit Bonus*
  • Credit Check Only
  • Payroll Only
  • All Applications Welcome

Plane Saver loans also have the added benefit of;

Plane Saver will do their utmost to help where we can, but we do have to ensure we lend our members money responsibly meaning there may be occasions we are unable to lend or require to request additional information.

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*Terms and Conditions Apply. Fixed rate of 12.7% APR. Fixed repayment period 24 months. Monthly repayments of £110.39. To qualify for the £50, you must have a 2345 loan granted before the 31st July 2017. You will receive the £50 credit bonus, after your 24th monthly repayment, once your loan is fully cleared. It may be in your best financial interest to repay your loan early however, If you repay your loan early you will not qualify for the £50 credit bonus. The £50 credit bonus would be paid into a Flexi Saver account so that you have access to these funds outside any existing loans. The assessment process is credit check only, Plane Saver reserves the right to request further information if required.

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