Family Saver

Family members who meet our criteria and live at the same address as an existing member can also join and benefit from our range of products and services we offer.

They can either save straight from their bank account or via an existing members pay.

Which family members qualify to join?

Any family members that live at the same address as an existing member and meet our criteria below, are welcome to join Plane Saver.

Eligible Family Members:

  1. Husband or Wife (Spouse) or Partner
  2. Son/Daughter
  3. Brother or Sister (Including stepbrother/sister)
  4. Parents (Including step and adoptive)

Please note - Proof of this relationship will also be required. On completion of the registration process once of our team will be in touch to provide further details as to further information that is required.

How can my family members save if their employer is not a payroll partner?

Your family member can either save direct from their bank account, or alternatively you can chose to save on their behalf straight from your payroll.

Family members must leave at least £5 in your savings account to remain an active member.

Do you offer joint accounts?

All Plane Saver accounts are in the name of that individual member, we do not offer joint accounts. This means that should you save on a family members behalf, we can not stop them withdrawing the funds. At the same time as the account is in their name, you would not be allowed to withdraw any funds or check their balance.

Is a return paid on the Family Saver?

Once a family member joins they have the option to save in any of the existing saving accounts available. They can benefit from the return in the form of an annual dividend with our Regular Saver.

Last year we paid a return of 1% (2017/18).

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