We believe in transparency and accountability, and as part of our commitment to our members and stakeholders, we make our financial performance readily accessible.

What are Annual Audited Accounts?

Annual Audited Accounts are comprehensive financial reports that provide a detailed overview of Plane Saver's financial activities throughout the year. These accounts undergo a thorough audit by independent professionals to ensure accuracy and compliance with financial standards.

Why are they important?

At Plane Saver, we distinguish ourselves from larger banks - our customers are not customers - they are members! As an organisation built on membership, we are responsible for keeping our shareholders (members) well-informed about our financial performance annually.

These accounts offer insight into how Plane Saver manages its finances, allocates resources, and sustains a healthy financial position. Reviewing these documents gives you a deeper understanding of our financial health and stability.

Click the link below to access Plane Saver's latest Annual Audited Accounts:

View Annual Audited Accounts

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