Junior Cash ISA

Prepare For Their Future With Locked Tax-Free Savings For Under-18’s.

Save from £1.00 to £9,000 per year.

Annual tax-free returns (3.9% projected dividend)

+ Plus HUGE lifestyle discounts

Open a Junior ISA

Why Choose the Junior Cash ISA?

As a tax-free savings account, the Junior Cash ISA ensures your child's money grows without taxation. With a projected annual dividend rate of 3.9%*, it's a smart investment for their future.

Who's Eligible?

This account is available for children under 18 residing in the United Kingdom. If your child is 16 or 17, they can take control and open their own Junior Cash ISA. For those 18 and above, parental responsibility allows you to open an account in your child's name.

Getting Started is Easy!
  1. Account Opening:
    • Only registered contacts with parental responsibility can open a Junior Cash ISA for children under 16.
    • The registered contact must reside at the same address as the child.
  2. Identification and Documentation:
    • Provide a valid passport or birth certificate for the child.
    • Proof of identity and address for the registered contact is required.
  3. Adding Funds:
    • Anyone can make contributions, but the total amount deposited cannot exceed £9,000 in the 2023-2024 tax year.
Seamless Transfers and Withdrawals

Need flexibility? The Junior Cash ISA offers:

  • Transfer the entire Junior Cash ISA during a tax year.
  • Withdrawals can be made when the child turns 18 (or prior if they become terminally ill.)

Ready to Open Your Junior Cash ISA?

To complete the form, log into your online banking or the Plane Saver mobile app or become a member on our website.

Your child's financial journey starts here!

To view the account terms and conditions click HERE.

To read the FSCS Factsheet CLICK HERE.

*All dividends are projected and will be approved by the members and Board of Directors at the Annual General Meetings.

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