Introductory Loans

Loans of up to £3,000 for those without a current savings balance with the credit union.

Personal Loans

Affordable loans suited to your needs and circumstances. Borrow up to £25,000 from as little as 3.4% APR.

Help To Buy

Tailored loans to help our members top up their mortgage deposit and get on the property ladder.

Car Loans

Car loans to help you stay in the driving seat. Receive a decision in principle before shopping elsewhere.  

Taxi Loans

Are you tired of renting your Taxi? Affordable loans to help Taxi drivers own their vehicle. 

Home Improvements

Why move when you can improve? Home Improvement loans of up to £25,000 from as little as 3.4% APR.

Debt Consolidation

See how much you can save by consolidating any existing loan, credit card or overdraft into one monthly repayment straight from your pay.

Holiday Loans

In need of a break? Why not let Plane Saver help with a holiday loan. Borrow up to £4,000 from as little as 3.4% APR

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