Junior Saver

Why not save for your little worries in life. The Junior Saver allows you to save for your children direct from your pay, so you won’t even miss it.

How can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money on behalf of the Junior member. You can request funds by visiting our office or sending us a form. We do not handle cash, so all payments are therefore made electronically into the back account of your choice.

You must leave at least £5 in their account to remain an active member.

Once the Junior Saver turns 16 years old they become a member in their own right and can save direct from their bank account.

Is a return paid on the Junior Saver?

As a not-for-profit organisation, at the end of each financial year, any remaining profit is paid back to our members in the form of an annual dividend. The dividend is announced each year at our AGM usually in December each year.

The dividend paid for the Junior Saver in Financial Year 2017/18 was 1%.

Can I make one off payments into the Junior Saver?

You are welcome to make one off payments into any savings account.

To make additional deposits into your account by sending in a cheque payable to 'Plane Saver Credit Union' to our address below.

The maximum value a Junior Saver can hold within their Plane Saver account is £10,000.

If you would like to make an electronic bank transfer, please call us on 0208 607 5020 and ask a staff member to provide you with our sort code and account number to arrange the transfer to us. With either method please ensure you provide your membership number as a reference to us to enable us to allocate the funds correctly.

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